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Why Advertise With Us?


The Maverick is a very different radio station.  We are hyper-focused on Alamance County with a unique format.  The Maverick plays New Country, but leans very heavily on “The Icons of Country”. 

The Maverick is Alamance County’s voice for local news every half hour from 6am to 9am with Fox 8’s Tom Britt and again at noon and at 5pm for the drive home.  Again, the station is very focused on AlCo.

The Maverick is very proud to have one of the most loyal listener bases in radio.  Some stations call them “listeners”, we call them “Kinfolk”!  They support the people who support us.   

Don’t take our word for it!!!  Some of Alamance County’s biggest and best, local brands tell us about their success since they’ve started advertising with the Maverick!


We’ve owned Granddaddy’s Antique Mall for 10 years and have not only had the best month we’ve ever had, but 2019 was our best year!  Thanks, Maverick Kinfolk!!!    


Tim Marco – Granddaddy’s Antique Mall



The day Tina (from The Maverick) walked in to Renovation Station was a turning point for our business!  Our business has increased 150% since that day!  The Maverick Kinfolk have forever changed our business! 


Joey Blackard - Renovation station 



We have been shocked by the amount of people (Kinfolk) that the Maverick sent in to our store.  Dave’s furniture will be on the Maverick until the end of time.  Thank you, Maverick!  We love you and all you do for Alamance County!


David Morton – Dave’s Furniture



Since using the Maverick for all our advertising, our business has grown tremendously!  We’ve had to add more staff!


Ricky Edwards – Edwards Commercial Cleaning



Research shows the 25 – 54 year old Maverick audience continues to be the fastest growing segment of the nation’s population. This is a very desirable market of consumers at the peak of their earning years. They own homes, multiple vehicles, and make major purchases.

The Maverick offers a mix of legendary songs, from legendary artists with some of the new artists that we consider future legends and you will hear the outlaws too.  The Maverick has a very distinctive Country sound that ensures listener recall and long listening time.


Advantages of Radio Advertising


• Lower Cost

Compared to television, magazines, and newspaper, radio advertising delivers actual impressions against qualified audiences at very low costs, typically between $3.00 to $5.00 per 1000 listeners.


• Immediacy

Advertisers get their message on the radio very quickly. Updates and changes can be made during the air schedule at any time and are normally turned around within 24 hours…sooner in some cases.


• Flexibility

Advertisers can reach listeners many times a day, choosing the times when they are most likely to reach potential customers and inform them of their product or service.


• Mobility

Radio is extremely mobile. It follows the listener from room to room, rides in the car, even follows workers at their place of business. There are few places it cannot go.  The Maverick also streams, so they can take us anyplace in the world.


• Radio is a proven, effective medium in targeting the consumer. 


• The most unique aspect of classic country radio stations is the time spent listening.  People spend hours with the Maverick.


• Maverick listeners are of the Gen X and Baby Boomer generation, often a demographic with a more disposable income.







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