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Local Radio Returns to Alamance County

Chuck Marsh left 93.1 The Wolf 4 years ago after an amazing seven years in which Chuck & Leanne were #1 the entire seven years.  Marsh tells Alamance 411 that the reason he left The Wolf is the same reason he purchased the stations in Alamance County..."I love local radio and we got away from that".  Chuck says "I'm looking forward to getting back to that.  Loving on the community, doing lots of charity work, I can't wait to fire up our GIANT gas grill and show up at a local business and cook my friends (listeners) a hot dog like we use to with The Hometown Handshake Tour.  I'm looking forward to giving out some Chuck Hugs if that's still legal these days (He says with a smile)".  Since leaving local radio Chuck spent two years as an owner of stations in Marion VA and Ahoskie NC.  He has spent over the last year as GM of seven radio signals in Roanoke Rapids NC plus he worked a year with K-Love Radio here in the Triad.

Alamance 411: How did you end up owning stations in Alamance County? 

Chuck Marsh: We moved to Elon about the same time I left the Wolf.  Some of the listeners will remember that my joke telling buddy Nicolas was from this area, so I knew a lot about Alamance County and LOVED IT.  My wife was blessed to become an administrator with Alamance Burlington Schools so we made the move from Winston Salem.  This is our home!!!

Alamance 411: What are the plans for 1200 AM, 95.1 FM and the new signal at 94,3 FM in Mebane? 

Chuck Marsh: First, let me brag on God for a minute!  For anyone who has a dream, maybe they've thought it's crazy and could never happen; I'm here to tell you that your dreams are small compared to His vision for you.  I remember when I owned stations out of town thinking how cool it would be to own stations here, but I blew it off because I knew it was impossible.  However, through some mind blowing turn of events that I'll save to share with you all on the radio, I'm now days away from launching radio in my hometown!  Now, back to your question.  We are going to give this radio station back to the community!  We'll be at every event in the area and even plan to create our own events in 2019.  This will be a hyper local radio station!!!  All 3 signals will be one radio brand focused on super serving Alamance County!!!  I want to create a station where you have to listen because if you don't, you're going to miss something!  Local News, Traffic, and Weather with the legendary Tom Britt of Fox 8 News who lives right here in Burlington!

Alamance 411:  Rumors are that you and Leanne might be back together? 

Chuck Marsh: Another dream come true for me!  Leanne has accepted a position to help me with mornings, reviving Words to Live By and that fun she and I had til the very last day when I left which had nothing to do with Leanne...LOVE HER.  So, yes...she will be part of this in the morning and she'll hang around to do 10 am to 2 pm solo on the station.  I'm more than excited to have her on this team! 

Alamance 411:  Who else will be On the Air at the stations that or readers might know?

Chuck Marsh: Well, I mentioned Tom Britt doing Local News and Information, plus myself and Leanne.  We're hoping that Charity Apple Pierce will come help us out in a team effort with Times-News (in the Morning).  We want the morning show to be like a bunch of friends getting together for coffee each day.  Carson Johnson, who has been the Operations Manager for these stations prior to AMP buying them, will return to that role and do nights for us - 7 to Midnight.  He'll also revive the "Thunderbird Cafe" which is a really cool outlaw type show that will be exclusive to our new station.  Another name you'll know is Byron Tucker, who will do afternoons, he'll do marketing services (help our marketing partners with their marketing needs) and of course, Byron and his Football Broadcast Team will continue the tradition of the game of the week...bigger and better!    

Alamance 411: Can you tell Alamance 411 what format the stations will broadcast/play?

Chuck Marsh:  I could, but then I'd have to kill ya (laughing), just kidding.  The only thing I will give you right now is that it's like nothing else on the radio dial for several reasons!  I think folks are really gonna love it, on top of the fact that we're gonna bring a passion to this that is truly going to be magic.

Alamance 411:  What do you mean by Magic?

Chuck Marsh: I'm so glad you asked because that's the entire reason I do this for a living.  You see, the relationship between a great radio station and it's friends...I say friends, some stations call them listeners or fans, but I truly consider you friends!  I often say that if it wasn't for radio, I'd have no friends.  Back to the magic; When there is a partnership with the station and it's friends, amazing things happen!!!  Example: One that's close to home, is Nicolas who lived in Mebane.  He went to River Mill Academy and some may recall that he told jokes on The Wolf morning show.  He was family to our audience!!!  When he passed I told the story about Nick and I talking about on his birthday how I was gonna take him on a motorcycle ride and asked him where he wanted to eat, I'd take him anywhere he wanted to go.  Nick told me that his Mom wouldn't let him go to Hooters, but she'd probably let me take  He passed away about a week later of a brain tumor (just before his 10th birthday (He'd been battling since he was 2 1/2).  As I told the Hooters story, I invited folks to come to the funeral (cleared it through Jon and Heather of course) and invited motorcycle riders to join us too...Nick loved bikes.  Over 1,200 motorcycles lined Hwy 70 for his Celebration of Life.  Radio Magic!  I can tell you stories like that for days!  Had nothing to do with me or Leanne...its the relationship that friends have, we just happen to have had a lot of friends each day!  I've never taken that for granted.  I really look forward to making magic in my hometown with some of the greatest radio people I know!

Alamance 411:  Do you have a date that you will Launch?     

Chuck Marsh:  Yes...the target date is March 1st at 5 pm.  We will have the new launch for 95.1 and AM 1200.  Our new signal in Mebane/Hillsborough will come later this summer, but we hope that folks will give us a chance.  We really think you'll hear the passion and love for Alamance County.      

Contact Chuck (336.926.3141) and his team about a 25% discount on Radio Advertising as Alamance Media Partners launch in first quarter of 2019.  Mention that you heard about the offer in Alamance 411 to get the discount.  


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